Map Hearts


12 heart map cards = wall art with a sentiment

I love sending mail! In this age of technology I find its a nice way to send encouragement, and often arrives at a moment when the recipient most needs it. Sometimes I am adept at searching the web to find the perfect thing…but often end up either making it myself or sourcing the appropriate pieces to suit my needs. I recently was plotting a way to put some sentimental value into wall art, however wasn’t sure what I was up to assembling. Not a pressing task, it went to the back burner.

Fast forward a few months and a solution to this quest was found!  I was on etsy perusing for a Madison themed greeting card for a college friend, when I stumbled across a custom made map heart greeting card made by Emily Kircher of ekra: I ordered a few to feed my mailing demands, only to realize that these beautifully constructed pieces would masterfully assemble well into a larger presentation for our home office. But how?

To create this wall art I ordered 12 cards to arrange in a 20 X 30 frame. While I picked a standard poster size that was available at pretty much any craft, home or framing store, finding a custom matte that didn’t cost an arm and a leg in a local store proved difficult. I even attempted coupon and in store specials, but yielded nothing within my budget. Back to the internet! Luckily, there are an absurd # of vendors out there who provide custom cutting services, but I went with because they were quick, helpful, and had a variety of options even at the basic price point. All definite plusses in my book.

Once the matte arrived, I disassembled the frame and placed the matte over the provided cardboard backing in the frame to mark where the cards needed to lie in order to be squarely framed by the cut outs in the matte.  Once this was done, I took the cards and played with the arrangement until I created a pattern that was balanced. Then I used scotch adhesive dots  to keep the cards closed, and then one on each corner and the center to affix them to the marked cardboard backing. Once everything was secure, I placed the matte and reassembled the whole kit and caboodle.  Viola! Personalized wall art.

Now to find a desk…

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