Hanging Hooks for Audrey


In my search for cupboard doors,  I came across some narrow ones with defined detail that would make a quick transformation into a set of hanging hooks. When choosing a color, I opted for this pink because it will match her room and is her favorite color.

To prep for paint, I removed all the hardware (hinges, handle, door latch) then sanded down the surface so that the paint coats would have a better chance of absorbing evenly. Additionally,  I drilled 2 holes about the same distance as the ones that were pre-existing for the old handle. If you intend to drill holes, or patch them, do so BEFORE you paint, otherwise you risk chopping your paint job.

When selecting a paint, I opted for acrylic as it’s easy to work with, plus comes in a multitude of colors and finishes. I also will sheepishly admit I prefer using the disposable foam brushes. It’s truly a convenience thing, and means I can work on several different items all at once. This piece has 4 coats of paint, and in order to minimize brush marks, I alternated the direction for each coat, allowing at least 4 hours between each coat, and 24 hours for the last one.

To personalize the hooks, I used plastic stencils and some different bright colors to make it pop. Once everything dried for a day, I sprayed the whole thing with a coat of Rustoleum Clear Gloss http://m.homedepot.com/p/Rust-Oleum-Specialty-11-oz-Gloss-Clear-Lacquer-Spray-Paint-1906830/100194482 to give it some durability. Another 24 hours of drying time, and then I screwed on the white porcelain knobs I found at Restore.

Voila! C’est fini!

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One Response to Hanging Hooks for Audrey

  1. yvonnecalifornia says:

    Wow! Love how that one came out!


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