Cookie Dough you can eat with a spoon…

Occasionally I hear about products on Shark Tank and say to myself “Really? Why in the world would people spend on THAT! ” But at the the same time time am also amazed at the ingenuity of so many absolutely normal people.


However,  this week while grocery shopping,  I saw Cookie Dough Cafe products on the shelf at Hyvee and I took the opportunity to try the Cookies and Creme flavor they were featuring for myself. And I’ll admit that it was so very close to the real thing that I was tempted to try cooking them despite the reminder message on the label that this product is NOT for baking,  and contains no eggs. And may or may not have consumed more than one helping in one sitting…

Currently there are 4 flavors:

I look forward to trying other flavors and can see this being a great safe choice for kids. Would also be great for designing fancy ice cream sundaes or cupcake toppings. If anyone tries it, let me know your ideas!

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