Football Lunch…A Deconstructed Taco Salad


Today while watching the Packer ‘ s Game we decided to have a quick snack. Having gotten up at 5:30 am it had already been a LONG day . It snowed last night, and it’s a bit bleh outside,  so the challenge was to throw together something quick and light. ..but substantial enough to hold us until dinner.

We had a lot of odds and ends produce left, including lettuce, grape tomatoes,  green onions,  and a rogue avocado.  I often buy them unripe on sale and am then lucky enough to have one on hand most of the time.  In the cupboard I had the tail end of a tortilla strips bag, dehydrated red bell pepper and taco seasoning.  So I also grabbed some pulled pork and shredded cheese from the fridge, and a small onion from dry storage.

To make it was dead easy. I tossed 1 TBSP of olive oil in the skillet over medium heat, and then added 1 small diced onion to brown. While that was cooking, I cut up about 4 oz of the shredded pulled pork. I also put 2 TBSPS of dehydrated peppers and 2 oz of hot water in a cup to rehydrate. Once the onions had some color,  I tossed in the pork, a liberal amount of taco seasoning (from Penzeys of course!) and stirred it to coat. 

Meanwhile I placed lettuce, tomato halves, and half an avocado on each plate and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper. At this point you could smell the pork taco meat, so I tossed in the rehydrated red peppers and the extra liquid that had not yet absorbed. I cooked for an additional 5 minutes to reduce the liquid, and then put half on each plate, sprinkled with cheese and tortilla strips.

Fifteen minutes from beginning to end. To eat we actually stirred it to incorporate all the ingredients and flavors…plus eliminate the need for dressing.

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