What Do You Do With An Idea?


This book should be a go-to option for inspiring creativity at home. I stumbled across it while event planning, and the title reminded me of a conversation that my mother and I had with my nephew in the car while driving in rush hour traffic across town when he was quite small about ideas. Practically stopped and in the midst of discussing a possible detour, we heard a little voice say “I have an idea” and despite many questions about it, that’s as much as we ever found out. So every now and then for levity, we both have been known to pop out the “I have an Idea” phrase, but I have digressed…

This book is simplistic in it’s presentation, but consists of cleverly executed whimsical illustrations that are enhanced by the selective use of color and an uplifting message. Not only are you drawn in by the growing confidence of the child, but inspired by how his growth catapults the idea forward. This demonstration of how brainstorming can evolve is one that is valuable to all.

While I would advocate that this is perfect for an at home read, it would also be a handy conversation starter, inspirational gift or a starting point for classroom writing sessions.


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2 Responses to What Do You Do With An Idea?

  1. dukee328 says:

    I love this book, one could even say really enjoy the idea of this book. I also like the philosophy that Kobi Yamada has at his publishing company.


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