A Book Called Chloe


Everyone is drawn to books for different reasons. Maybe it’s the title, or perhaps the notoriety of the Author,  but in the case of children’s books it is often the cover. While they are primarily written for children,  in many cases they serve double duty and intrigue the adults that read them over and over and OVER again to the young human beings in their lives.

For me, Peter McCarty ‘ s “Chloe” was originally picked up because it bore the name of my youngest sister. However, I was further drawn in by the delightful illustrations and storyline of a large family bunny family and the playful antics of the middle bunny child, Chloe. This protagonist loves her dynamic life and the family time traditionally held everyday after dinner, but it is disrupted when a television is brought home and put into the mix. McCarty’s solution to this obstacle is fun and inventive,  not to mention heartwarming.  A great read for the upcoming holiday season!


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