Alaskan King Crab Adventures

So tonight we tried something new, Alaskan King Crab, and I will share with you several things I learned…

1: Crab is HARD work to eat, but delicious.

2: Crab is even HARDER work when you lack the key tools such as a claw cracker or hammer. (Note: obtain these before you attempt to eat crab at home).

3. Crabs are very spiky and should be handled with care.

4. Even though they are mighty in size; Alaskan King Crabs have a surprisingly small amount of meat.

5. Penzey’s Shrimp and Crab Boil Seasoning rocks! [ ]

The local Hyvee has been running a crab promotion this week, and after contemplating whether or not we should take advantage of it, the verdict was overwhelmingly YES. Some members of the household were surprised that I hadn’t done so earlier…but as evident by the gaps in my posting, the retail holiday shopping season has hit it’s busiest,  and my time for adventures in cooking are pretty much non-existent.

For reference,  I used this website:

Here is what the crab looked like:


We decided to use the steaming method, and utilized a stockpot with a tight fitting lid and a metal steaming rack. I boiled a half filled and lidded stock pot to a rapid boil, and then dumped out enough water so that the rack could sit just above it, and added 2 TBSPS of Penzey’s Shrimp and Crab Boil Seasoning to the pot, replacing the lid and cooking for 20 minutes to season the water.  Then we dropped the 4 crab legs into the pot and replaced the lid and cooked for 6 minutes since the legs were still partially frozen.


(Note: we believe 4-5 minutes might have been the proper time, as the legs had thawed more than we realized while the water was boiling.) Once the timer buzzed, we removed the legs with tongs, and set in a large glass pyrex.



To serve, I melted 2 TBSPS of butter and stirred in 6 dashes of hot sauce. We like Louisiana Hot Sauce, but there are so many out there to try. Don’t be afraid to make several dipping sauces.


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One Response to Alaskan King Crab Adventures

  1. Wow. I can’t even imagine that. Like at all. Great job!!!


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