Cooking Challenge

A good friend of mine from Colorado (Jennifer)  sent me this link yesterday:

While I’ll admit that many recipes may or may not seem daunting,  I am pretty sure that there is at least 1 that is doable. Currently I am leaning towards attempting this Cauliflower dish or this one with carmelized lemons or possibly this chicken dish

But here is my challenge: pick any new recipe to try, snap a few pictures,  and write it up! I will post any guest blog entries submitted via email to as part of a recipe challenge feature.

The rules:

1. It must be a recipe you have never made before.

2. You must have pictures!!

3. A link to the recipe or the list of ingredients must be included so that others can try too.

Please send the photos as attachments,  as it will be easier to post. Submissions for next month’s feature are due Wednesday January 14th. *Note: this is an extension due to several requests for more time. So there is still time to submit!*

Happy cooking! I look forward to hearing about your adventures…

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