Day 8 of 2015: Adventures in Blogging

So now that I am back from vacation and not resuming work until Monday, I am spending the next few days tackling all those things you normally put off. Task #1: catching up with this blog.

I started this whole project on a whim last year as a creative outlet during the busy holiday retail season, and have been encouraged by several friends to stick with it. (Thank you loyal followers!) I am attempting to post at least once a week, however, will still add additional content as I am ready to do so. Many of my close friends have fabulous ideas, and until they get up the courage to admit their own genius, I will sneak in their content too. Perhaps it will encourage them to post too…my fingers are crossed.  ♡

So far most of athomewithemilie’s posts have covered either cooking or crafting ideas; and since the most views stem from these topics,  they shall continue.  But currently I am dying to know what all of you readers are interested in seeing! I have started to circulate my posts via other sites to perhaps bring in some new angles and perspective. Recently I was sent a link to this website [ ] with the below roadmap:

There are some great ideas, and for those of you just starting out like me, excellent tips on how to grow your readership and brand. I look forward to sharing 2015 with all of you as I continue this adventure!

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