Day 31 of 2015 – Paint Swatch Coasters

I am not a big coaster person, but from time to time need a few on-hanf to handle the steaming hot coffee mugs or the sweating glasses of chilled beverages that are everyday occurrences at our house . Most of our furniture is black, grey or glass – so I decided a pop of color was in order.


These are so simple to make!

All you need are:

*Cork backed coasters (they are $1 a piece at the dollar store in the housewares section and a big time saver).

*Paint swatch cards (available from the sample racks at home improvement stores or paint stores; choose ones larger than the coasters).

*An exacto knife

*foam brushes

*Mod Podge (lots of options, link below)



*Sealer (could skip, I added for durability).

First select the colors you want to use.  I chose these blue tones because they complimented each other and I liked the swatch color names.  There are many different options out there,  some companies even make full sized or page sized single color swatches – mix and match colors to create a set that blend together or be bold and opt for contrasting tones!

Next turn over the swatch and place a coaster (tile side down) on top. Carefully cut around the coaster and create the perfect sized piece for the top. If it’s easier, trace with a pen and then cut…I like to save time and have had practice with exacto knives over the years, so I skipped the tracing. Another tip: cut all the swatches prior to continuing to the next step, that way you minimize the length of the project even more.

Once you have your piece (or pieces) cut, set the coasters (cork side down) and one at a time, paint the tile with mod modge, lay the swatch,  and then paint a 2nd layer over the top. While this is still wet, check for air bubbles and bumps,  and use the stick on the brush to “roll” them out and make a smooth surface. Give this about ten minutes to dry, and paint a 2nd layer over the top and leave it overnight to dry completely.

Whenever you resume crafting, examine the sides/corners and lightly sand stray paper edges so that all corners and sides are smooth. You can also sand a little extra off if you want a more weathered or vintage look for your coasters. Remove any dust and debris, and then coat with sealer to make your coaster waterproof.  There are spray options and paint options…choose one that has a finish you like (matte, glossy, glitter, etc) and follow the package directions.  Note: While it will not take too long for your project to dry, wait a day or so to stack them to ensure they are COMPLETELY dry, otherwise they make stick together. 

If giving these as a gift, they are super cute wrapped in ribbon. As with any project, there are many designs to pick. This craft is also very easily modified to utilize maps as toppers, meaning when you arrange all the coasters together,  they form a bigger map!

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