A Brief Glimpse of the National Cathedral


Yesterday we made the drive into Georgetown and DC to look at some of the historic neighborhoods and buildings in our great nation’s capital.  Having lived in Northern VA previously for a number of years, I am going to be honest and tell you that I rarely took in the tourist sites unless someone came to visit. Is that totally lame? So being a visitor myself this weekend, I took my mother to tour the National Cathedral.

From the outside it’s a pretty impressive piece of architecture,  and has oodles of stained glass and gargoyles to boot. There are a number of surrounding buildings and multiple entrances. You could literally spend hours exploring. In addition to the “space” window above, here are some other interesting windows:




I’ve walked by this building before, however,  never actually went inside despite being in the vicinity. Having oodles of time this trip (plus frigid artic temperatures and winds to contend with) – we spent all of our time indoors and skipped the grounds.  There are many places to sit (it’s a place of worship after all) and a perfect touring option for weary travelers. I like the detail on this pew:


I have traveled a fair amount over the years and seen a number of religious buildings and sites that are comprised of amazing details and historic features. This building is very reminiscent of cathedrals in Europe. But has quite a number of unique details, like flags from all states in the grand hall.




If you are ever in the DC area, the Cathedral has onsite parking (free on Sundays),  plus with an address on Wisconsin Avenue, it’s a moderate walk back down the street to the retail sector of Georgetown.  Also they even have elements of pop culture for the superfan, like a Darth Vader gargoyle it was too cold to find outside. We found a statue in the gift shop instead so I could show you.


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2 Responses to A Brief Glimpse of the National Cathedral

  1. barb johnson says:

    I wonderful spot to see and explore. Thank you for the pics and fun descriptions!


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