Day 54 of 2015 – The Possibility of Etsy


I have been devoting a fair amount of thought hours lately to figuring out ways to potentially sell chalkboards. I have given quite a number as gifts (as illustrated above, thanks Mandy) and keep getting requests for colors and occasions. Currently this would be a hobby, however, developing projects that I can market and sell is a challenge I think I am up for. Like most of you out there, I currently have a fair amount of responsibility on my plate. But I’m hoping that investing some time into upcycling could fuel some really cool new ideas.

I am going to go the Etsy route. Anyone have any tips? I want to figure out ways to make this manageable and fun; but also have current concerns about what shipping method to utilize.  Expert Etsy folks,  feel free to lend your sage advice. šŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for updates…

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