Cooking Local Produce: My 2015 CSA Selections


Spring is practically around the corner, and the amazing and fantastically abundant outdoor Farmer’s Market season commences here in Madison on April 18th. Technically that is still a month away…it’s never too early to start a countdown,  right?  While I am super excited to resume selecting my produce directly from the farmer’s that cultivate the locally grown fresh treats, this year I also want to try supporting the local farm efforts by investing in a CSA box. I have always loved the challenge of cooking what’s in season,  and this feels like a healthy new direction to explore. Who can argue with fresh picked and hand selected vegetables? And as you can see from the empty greenhouse…I will also be trying a new approach to a kitchen herb garden by implementing an outdoor strategy that does not involve a all-you-can-eat snack bar for the cat. (We have not yet told the cat…)

In Wisconsin,  we are extremely lucky to have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) coalition that allows you to search a large number of registered farms relatively quickly: []. If you live outside of WI, I would suggest looking for a similar organization in your state, or for a little general help, try this site:[].

As I alluded to,  I started with a large number options and through carefully reviewing typical crop choice and online customer reviews; at the end of my research I was able to narrow it down to 5. I have been patroning the Dane County Farmer’s Market since I was a child, and know first hand some of the vendors I wanted to partner with. It was so hard to choose! Honestly the final decision tie-breaker came down to the delivery sites and pick-up days/times…plus each one we selected has a 1/2 portion or small box share, yielding a better chance to evaluate both offerings and ultimately help us decide which one to go with next year. So for 2015 we are trying:


The other options I liked were:

*also has punch cards, allowing you to pick your selections personally at the market

*also has punch cards, and I am most likely going to buy a few…the beets, Jerusalem artichokes,  edible flowers and greens they grow are awesome and not to be missed

*also has egg shares, you can go in for every week or every other week

I look forward to sharing my cooking adventures and would love to hear from anyone else attempting an eat local type challenge.  Just 4 days left until the OFFICIAL start of Spring!

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One Response to Cooking Local Produce: My 2015 CSA Selections

  1. Barb johnson says:

    I know several people who have used a csa in seaford and been very happy. Impossible for us to grow so many veggies in our yards. The greenhouse s a great idea!


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