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Bunny Invasion

When I mention that we have an absurd number of bunnies in our backyard,  most people are pretty sure that I am exaggerating.  While we have a fenced in yard and technically live in the city, we have become a … Continue reading

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Cooking Challenge: Jenn F’s Crock Pot Brown Rice Burrito Bowl

While the warmer weather may finally be here to stay, I hesitate to retire my slow cooker until Fall. So for those of you celebrating Cinco De Mayo this week, here’s a simple and tasty idea from Jenn F! Crock … Continue reading

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Kitchen Scrap Celery

I am continuing to find new projects to try and easy ways to start edible plants. Did you know you can grow celery by utilizing the root scraps? I saw this project and decided to try it: [] So 1 … Continue reading

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Upcycling: Transforming a Coffee Table into an Edible Plant Stand

For the better part of a week I drove by a rather sad looking coffee table awaiting it’s next phase of life. I hoped someone would claim it, as from a distance it appeared to be in decent shape, merely … Continue reading

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Musings on Milestones

Ever have a string of events occur that dramatically alter your life perspective? Or in a moment of uncertainty stop to consider that there is a road less traveled to pursue?  Until recently I was stuck in a rut of … Continue reading

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