Upcycling: Transforming a Coffee Table into an Edible Plant Stand


For the better part of a week I drove by a rather sad looking coffee table awaiting it’s next phase of life. I hoped someone would claim it, as from a distance it appeared to be in decent shape, merely missing it’s glass tabletop and in some need of TLC. But alas, it remained curbside. So on a Friday I could no longer stand it, threw it in my car, and dragged it into my backyard to become an edible plantstand.


First I decided on a placement. Tables are heavy, especially laden with heavy pots. The patch behind the garage gets sun a good portion of the day and an adequate amount of rain. We have crazy amounts of bunnies in our yard most of the time as we currently have no dogs or children in our household and therefore have defaulted to what I call the “bunny sanctuary” in our backyard. At several points last year, we witnessed whole families frolicking in circles like athletes training on a racetrack. Even the cat who normally only is enamored with birds was memorized. It’s fun – however it also means that planting ANYTHING too low yields delicious bunny snacks and no harvest for us.

Next decision? Color. I opted for a bright blue to give the yard a pop of color. And as anyone will tell you…I love colors. I selected a can of Rustoleum Painters Touch Wildflower Blue [http://www.menards.com/main/mobile/home-decor/crafts/spray-paint/all-purpose-spray-paint/painters-touch-ultra-cover-2x-satin-wildflower-blue-spray-paint-12-oz/p-1955954-c-8050.htm] at Menards since it would eliminate the need to prime thus speeding up the project.

Next Step: pots. I continued on with the color idea and selected purple pots. I bought several sizes so that I could group different herbs together, and in case of frost/freeze, easily carry the containers indoors. There were so many options…and if I plant differently next year I could easily bring these indoors or utilize on our front stoop. I also picked up several types of potting soil to ensure drainage, proper moisture levels, and nutrition.  Since we have not yet replaced our compost bin, I selected one variety that included plant food.


Last decision: what to plant. Inside the pots I am only putting edible items, and for the time being. I did not start seedings this year, so will be relying on local greenhouses and friends to obtain plants. So far I have: basil, chives, thyme, cilantro, sage, and oregano. Shortly I will also have dill, rosemary,  and mint. In addition,  I picked out two varieties of climbing vines in blue and white tones to plant by the legs, eventually covering the bulk of the stand.


Once I got home with the supplies, I dragged the table to a spot in the yard away from the house,  rubbed off the dirt with a damp cloth and let it dry. I should probably lightly sanded the whole thing…but since it’s going to sit outside and essentially weather itself, I was not too concerned about the evenness of the paint.  I sprayed the entire thing with paint and let it dry for 24 hours. The next day I dragged it back to its new home by the garage, potted the herbs (leaving space for additions), and planted even amounts of seeds around all 4 legs. As I add too it and the flowers begin to grow/climb it will look how I envision it. However, it currently looks like this:


Also planted this week: our front container garden. I alternated 3 varieties of plants around the edges for balance, and added some taller grasses for interest in the center. I started with these:


And ended up with this:


In addition to the plants pictured, there are Dahlia bulbs that will hopefully grow and bloom in mid Summer.  If not I’ll have to add something else.

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One Response to Upcycling: Transforming a Coffee Table into an Edible Plant Stand

  1. Barb johnson says:

    Super idea and it looks so colorful and cheerful. The herbs will taste even better with such a nice home!


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