Cookbooks you should check out!


I’ll admit it…I love cookbooks! And anyone who knows me has probably seen me pour through them for ideas on multiple occasions. I often pick them up used or in bargain bins or clearance sales. I find they make great surprise gifts, and am guilty of popping them in brightly colored bubble mailers via media mail to bring cheer and glee to the recipient.

I have bought this many times for foodie friends and highly recommend picking up a copy if you are in the mood to try inventive and diverse cuisine. This particular food truck themed book not only has excellent recipes,  but includes great background on various carts included within the book. I originally picked it up new for my mom because of the Madison, WI section. (We loved the trying the sweet potato and black bean tacos). However, several of my friends who live elsewhere rave about the number of items that are great crowd pleases for tailgating or cookouts. As the cuisine stems from Food Trucks – most items are extremely portable and most are elevated entrees as the small kitchens limit the number of items that can make it on the menu. Check it out!


This cookbook I found in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble and couldn’t help being intrigued by the cover. It’s a hilariously assembled collection interspersed with fun background and snark from the gals that wrote it. There are plenty of pictures and quite a number of unique takes on old classics. Definitely not a boring cookbook. 😉


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