Fun finds


Love our garden destroyer

Over the Summer I attempted a kitchen window garden. I say attempted because a certain feline felt it was her duty to help by munching on it everyday, thus transforming it into a high end snack bar for cats. I will also admit that I apparently am a glutton for punishment; because I was nuts enough to make a second go of it with bigger plants. Also an epic fail…

However, when plotting this out, I couldn’t find a box the right size locally that was small enough to fit on the ledge and yet big enough for multiple pots, but after scouring the web for something vintage or handmade, snagged 2 brass boxes on ebay that fit the bill.

Can you guess which side she started with?

We are still working on setting up the office, and will be likely still in the midst of this project until Spring. However, in order to get rid of some boxes I needed a more permanent and practical solution. I found a great steal ($10 total) on a filing cabinet – not only does it have 4 drawers that already have the fittings for hanging files built in, but is in great condition and is doubling as a plant stand!



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